Quick Photo Finder for Mac

Keep your Mac free from duplicate photos by removing similar looking images in just one click. Get Quick Photo Finder to identify and remove unwanted copies of your photos.

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What Makes It The Top Duplicate Photos Cleaner?

Quick Photo Finder is a professional duplicate photos remover tool that ensures an organized gallery and better storage space.

Smart Duplicate Image Finder

Smart Duplicate Image Finder

It uses the most advanced algorithms to find duplicate and similar looking images on your Mac. This makes it a cakewalk to free up the disk space.

Organized Photo Gallery

Organized Photo Gallery

Make your photo gallery clutter-free and organized by removing unwanted copies of photos from your Mac.

Supports External Devices

Supports External Devices

In addition to removing duplicates from the Photos library, it also declutters portable hard drives such as Pen Drive.

Group-Oriented Results

Group-Oriented Results

With group-based duplicate results, you can easily choose which one you need to remove.

How does Quick Photo Finder Remove Duplicates?

Quick Photo Finder uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure accurate duplicate photos identification and removal.

Finds Duplicate Photos

Finds Duplicate Photos

As soon as you install the software, it runs a deep scan to find similar pictures from every hidden corner of your Mac. No twin or almost a twin image can escape from the intelligent algorithms that it employs. Moreover, it also allows you to set the image matching criteria to identify the correct duplicates.

Organizes Results in Groups

Organizes Results in Groups

Chaos always results in errors. Whereas, well-organized things make the task seamless and decisions easy to make. With this one of the best duplicate photo cleaners, getting rid of space-hogging images becomes easier as it shows you the scan results in neatly organized groups so that you can effortlessly decide which pictures you want to delete and remove them in no time.

Automarks duplicate images

Automarks Duplicate Images

Selecting the pictures can be a tiresome task if you need to select them one-by-one. Therefore, it is among those rare duplicate photo removers that let you mark all the images automatically with just one click.

Removes identified duplicates

Removes Identified Duplicates

Cleanliness is a crucial aspect of life. We must keep all things clean to make them live a long life. The same is true in the case of computers too. With time, junk files accumulate and negatively impact the performance of your Mac. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to clean junk from the computer to keep it in the pink of condition. Similar and exact image copies are the toughest to remove junk files, but you need not worry, as it is among the best duplicate photo finders to remove both identical and nearly identical pictures with ease.

Improved Storage Space

Improved Storage Space

We all love clicking pictures and often end up shooting the same scene multiple times. If left undeleted, these extra clicks pile up in our device and hog up the storage space. With this intelligent duplicate photo cleaner for Mac, you can remove every trace of duplicates from the system to free up ample space for faster and smoother device performance.

Common Queries About Quick Photo Finder

This quick and effective duplicate photo cleaner for Mac recovers a large amount of valuable space on your computer & maximizes productivity with a much-organized gallery. Here’s an answer to every question that you may have about this tool -

Q1. What is Quick Photo Finder?

Even the most well-performing Mac systems become sluggish after some time. One of the reasons for this deteriorated performance is the accumulation of duplicate photos. These images hog up the device space and make it turtle-like, slow, and buggy. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to clear the piled up picture duplicates. Since manually finding and deleting such pictures is practically impossible, you need a duplicate photo finder that can help you do it with ease.

Quick Photo Finder is one such duplicate photo remover that finds and deletes every trace of similar and twin photos from your Mac without requiring any tedious efforts from your end.

OS Supported: MAC 10.10


No matter what the picture format is, you can remove duplicates using Quick Photo Finder easily. It is among those duplicate photo removers that support all major formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, and more.

One good thing about this software is that it doubles up as a similar photo cleaner. You can use it to get rid of nearly identical pictures by using the settings of the scan window to set the picture matching criteria.

Selecting multiple photos is quite simple with this duplicate photo finder. All that you need to do is click on the auto mark button to select all the pictures after the scan completes. With one click, all the images get selected so that you can perform the required action with ease.

Since external devices such as portable drives have become one of the most widely used mediums to store images, there are high chances of duplicate pictures in them. However, if you have the best duplicate photo cleaner, such as Quick Photo Finder, then you can scrape away duplicates even from external devices.

Duplicate photos take up the maximum storage of a device. It is not an easy task to detect and get rid of dupe shots. Therefore, you need Quick Photo Finder, i.e., a duplicate photo cleaner that scans every nook and corner of your device and removes similar and identical pictures with ease. It is needed to improve the storage space so that the performance of your Mac becomes fast and smooth.

Quick Photo Finder is programmed keeping in view both the experienced and novice users. With this software, you can delete exactly similar pictures effortlessly. Simply, follow the below steps to do it:

  • Download and install Quick Photo Finder.
  • Launch the utility.
  • Add the photos, photos library or folders containing duplicate images to the scan area. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop them to the scan window.
  • Click on the “Scan” icon to begin the scanning process.
  • Set the matching criteria as per your preference.
  • After the scan completes, review the results, and delete the undesired duplicates.

We agree that using any random duplicate photo remover can be unsafe. But, with this reliable identical and similar photo cleaner at your disposal, you can keep all your worries aside. User privacy is among our topmost priorities. We make every effort to ensure that your data remains protected at all times, and it is not used for any purpose other than duplicate photo identification and removal.